Here are the digits in which we can be reached through. But as anyone knows when you come don't come "lukewarm". Hot or cold, we can handle. And we don't mean to infer that we only deal in extremes or absolutes. We are fluid with our awareness of what is needed by those who step this way and this is a good thing. You see there are those who only deal in wants and desires which is why many come up short in this game known as life.

Feel free to print any of the info that appears on our site. Download our Clientele Questionnaire and take your time in deciding what it is you want to respond with. If it makes you feel better when directing your email, you may send your reply to our private e-mail box. This will insure that your message inquiry will not be viewed as a general presentation, and treated as such. Thank you much

1.702.806.6068 (The Spot)
1.702.242.1446 (Fax)