During those initial days of "getting this info to the masses" we received numerous hits from those who "Had No Business". What we mean by this is people who look for fault so that they may use the opportunity to act or show their importance reached out to us in an attempt to discredit our relevance. Well to their surprise when approached with this our stance and position was;

In being on the platform that defines what leadership is, we lead by example. Hence we will not qualify ignorance with dialogue or monologue. Still we understand what gives us validity and in as much provide you with the opportunity to proceed with dignity.

In doing "key searches" via the internet many of those people with no business typed in the word "Chalo". This lead them to bombard us with this type of e-mail.

"A shot over our bow"

FYI...We have searched and searched the Internet and this is the only reference that I have come up with on "Chalo". We really want to know the true meaning of this word in your translation.

Now everybody who is somebody is aware that there are many homebodies that everybody doesn't know. Or is aware of. But because we don't ascribe to "BS" we have placated many with this media blast.

A Sample Of Our Might"

FYI..."Chalo" when key searched in cyberspace will lead you to words and issues from India origin. Yes, because in how the net is developed and from where the content is amassed we have concluded this to be fact. CHALO originated from an ancient African language and it means; "The Essence Of Life". When you research please remember that the printed word is based on who is writing or presenting the history. Africa is a continent that has much to offer the world, but it isn't mainstream in any sense.

InnerPersonal Communications "IPC" was written based on the understanding of the philosophy of CHALO. This philosophy defines how a person applies their knowledge of people, places and things with a focus of creating a harmonious balance for "the self". Which lead to brighter horizons for all. This in itself doesn't mean one walks along their journey through this physical life in a selfish way. The self in this respect is fully aware that it all starts with "The Me". When you satisfy the me you create the position for "We", as everything has duality.

CHALO has existed and been practiced for centuries. The masses aren't aware of it as the masses have only focused on being like "The Deity" and haven't taken the time to understand the mentalities of those they watch and refer to as Deity. Those who have led. Those who have found solace in who they are and what they do know many things. This is why they are!

What is found on the Net has become biblical to many and like the Bible the Internet is full of stories. But then again you have to consider the source and its creator. As history is written by those who have won the right to write it, so has the content which is found on the Net.

CHALO, The Art of InnerPersonal Communications has enhanced our beings. We have ascended in a spiritual sense regarding our thinking and thought processing methods. Still we are of the flesh and at times fall prey to some of those basic wants of anyone of a biological mix. Seldom do we speak in this context on certain topics because most who hear it move with the quickness to create an environment of "spookism". Again this is the way of any society that is a mixture of various cultures and acquired attitudes in regards to mannerisms and social decorum.

Without becoming offended please focus on what we are sharing and not on what it is you've fallen prey to. When one seeks to transfer they reasons for their guilt they only become more guilt ridden. Which is why most people are not in "The Loop" and receive info on a need to know basis. These types of people are known as; "Haters".