"I have a secret that I can't tell"

Secret, Latin in origin (secretus "separate, to set apart" & secerne (move apart). When used in most societies it means not known or seen as in not meant to be known or seen by others.

Private same place of origin (privatus from privus withdrawn or single as in individual). The former meaning belonging to one particular person or group as in thoughts and feelings, etc. Not to be shared or revealed.

This is definitely news when considered under the terms defined between He or She. Everyone wonders why they can't get it together or seem to lose at The Game, well it isn't semantics as every other wants you to perceive it as. Many experts in this field would say that something's are meant to be secret. A secret is what it is;
Hidden Knowledge.

CHALO reveals that if something is not meant to be then say it by expressions conveyed under private terms. Something's are meant to be private and when engaging with another, especially that one special individual it's okay to have a private file. Sorta' like "Intel" as in intelligence. When you do acquire certain knowledge it's not for everyone's awareness. Yet, when it relates to your other half whom maybe the better half, it's knowledge that has to be shared for the stability of the union. Just extended on a need to know basis. So if you've committed adultery and feel the desire to "tell it to the mountain" you'd be better whispering it to the blade of grass first. Basically get the feel of what you really wanna say by talking to yourself. Visualize what you've done before you breach what may not be broken. Then under those private terms mentioned. With the full understanding of what is secret versus private, express yourself.

The best part of this is when the two possess knowledge private to one another, it creates a link that prevents either of the two from being deduced by you know who. Yep, those who are quick to say that this is all semantics. Which brings up another point; Semantics. This is nothing more than the ability to understand the meaning of words and their usage. Habitual or customary. You win at what it is you are participating in when you have a true command of what it is you are involved in. Just like when you felt the need to go out and "Play with another you just had to lay". It was good when it happened now it's time to deal with the reality of your world. It will all come falling down if you didn't have the command of self and the understanding of kind from the gate.

"A play on words. A brief trick at the expense of your mental facilities for the sake of defining superiority? Not hardly. We do this for a living. And when we hear "semantics" used in connotation of what we share we don't deduce but recognize this; What is success... Actually we live for yours!"

"Hummmm. We did say that we've been there and done that"