Encino, CA.

Chas. What can I say? The man. The proud poppa. The head of his house, the student of life. He loves to pop by my offices'. Unannounced, only to pick my brain. No matter who he is on the day he arrives, I have come to know that he is extremely intuitive. Much more than those I have practiced with for all these years I've been in medicine.

Speaking of those in the field of medicine, we follow a very rigid process in becoming doctors. Clinical studies with long hours and days serving as Internist. Chas is not a Medical Doctor nor is he a Psychologist. But many of my colleagues would be so lucky to have his knowledge when it comes to the minds, mannerism, and projected characteristics of the male and female when either of the two are brought together. I recommend his teachings to anyone wishing to understand their motivations better.

Sophia Vaisman MD

Lakeview Terrace,CA.

All praises extended to The Almighty. My name is Joel Del Rucker and I had the privilege long long ago to have Chas as one of my biology students. Many of which went on to become esteemed members of noted professions. Attorney's, Doctors, some even managed to make it as Professional athletes. Chas converse with all of them even thought he didn't gravitate towards any of the campus cliques. What I know of him amazes me as he rarely let anyone into his confidence. He wasn't anti-social, and to suggest that he was wouldn't be fair. However he did have his agenda. Today I am proud to see that his mission and thirst for knowledge has taken him to unbelievable heights. And as a servant, he has coming full circle.

I remember a many of nights he would come around for discussions. The topic didn't matter but he would ask me about some of the guys and girls that he grew up with. Many that had also been students of my classes. Not once did he speak in a comparative way, but I would get the sense that he was seeking his place in life.

One day we were speaking of a mutual acquaintance who became a multi-millionaire. This acquaintance had so much money his reach influenced many activities that took place along the New Jersey docks. The "cat" moved people with the power that money can only create. He and Chas could be viewed as two ends of a spectrum. He moved with money and Chas moved with his mind. Two previous students, two distinct backgrounds, with uncanny similarities.

Something else I recall telling Chas. He was a student who was definitely ahead of the others. To the point it was scary. I didn't tell him because to know something like that about yourself at such an impressionable age, is like giving a kid the keys to a candy shop. He might of become like my other student. I said it then and I say it now; "When he's ready for the world the world had better look out."

Mr. Joel Rucker

Beverly Hills, CA.

People see me as one of those pretty women. I guess you can say it's true. I once won the Miss California Beauty Title. The down side is that my looks haven't made me anymore successful with men. Most men won't approach let alone ask me out for a date. In California everyone has a secret. Most want to be in the entertainment profession, I was right there with all the other dreamers.

When I met Chas I was working with Quincy Jones. Working but not getting where I knew I should have been long time ago. In my talking with Chas I realized that I was not scared of life or those who were scared of me, but afraid because of what life had made believe I was entitled to expect.

Now I can say life is good. Oh yes, Chas you left me hanging. You just sort of became invisible after a while. But it's okay because you never really promised me anything but that I would eventually be able to face me! For this I thank you.

Kathleen Peoples

Los Angeles,CA.

Hey how ya doin'. Chas is my man. You know some people you meet in life make you mad. Some make you wonder what could their parents been thinkin' when they got together to create such a child. Then there are others who you can't seem to forget, no matter how long it's been since you last saw them. Chas is like that. You can't forget him cause he is actually about something.

I was the best man at his wedding. I know his kids, and I know him. We've made money together, we've "played" at the penthouse together. Despite all of this the one thing he never did was get away from who he was or what he was about. We chased women like a squirrel chases a nut. When we did he never failed to amaze them with his understanding of who they really were. Forget about who they were tryin' to be. Another thing I'll tell you he didn't do this just with the women. He could call it on the men just as well.

Occasionally we still talk, and when we do it's as if we are just picking up were we last spoke. He says he learns a lot from me. I like to hear this, but it makes me laugh. The funny thing is Chas has taught me even more than I could have ever shown him. Some say he's arrogant, but those that do don't really know him. I've worked with this man and as I'm here to testify, "party'd with him". We've even walked our dogs together. Come to think of it that's how we met, walking the dogs. One thing Chas isn't, is arrogant. If anything he's confident about who he is and what he knows.

He's worked on his writings and spent many days organizing CHALO, and I'll be the first to say he knows what he's talking about when it comes to this subject.

David "Dee" Robinson