She'llo, I'm Michelle Leigh. My ancestry can be traced back to the Samurai of ancient Japan. Academically I have been educated in Business Administration. Like most I was not educated but trained when it came to a domestic lifestyle that included love and marriage. After two marriages the "went south", it didn't take me long to realize that I really didn't know much about being in that position. In life there is a big difference between education and training. In understanding the philosophy of IPC I soon realized that I had made many mistakes because I wouldn't accept that my parents, those so called close friend and conniving girlfriends couldn't show me the whys and what fors when attracting and engaging the opposite sex.

Today my background has afforded me the ability to step into this position of President of ICHAS. My duties and responsibilities you may feel, restrict me to admin. for the firm. Not so. In being raised within a Japanese household I have deep roots in characteristics that build integrity. Loyalty and discipline are what I speak of. In meeting Chas and being introduced to the Art of InnerPersonal Communications I was pleased to realized that it wasn't about changing me. No the exposure showed me that I hadn't failed during previous interactions with the opposite sex, but I did carry too much luggage to effectively engage the opposite sex in a pro-active stance. One important point I also acquired was that there is a huge difference in effect verses affect.

Today I am fully capable in assisting in assessing you and your needs in regards to enhancing your skills when it comes to communicating with your significant other. With IPC as my foundation I not only hear what your issues are, I'm listening to them also. Again, in communications be it verbal, visual or otherwise the dynamics are exact. Hearing is merely the audible reception of something said. Listening is a combination of the audible supported with the ability to understand what you've heard, followed with assessment and analytical skills.

Once I witnessed a potential client say, "I heard you". And yes I watched this same client continue to make mistake after mistake while his better half sat there. Simmering at his advancing stupidity and stubbornness. Yes IPC is for me as it can be for you!

Everyone assumes that we are Marriage Counselors or Relationship Therapists. Well that idea is so far from the truth it reminds me of a line from a film entitled
(A Few Good Men) with Jack Nicholson. Where Jack says

"You Can't Handle the Truth"

As mentioned we are not relationship experts or any types of quasi marriage counselors. I am a Specialist in presenting what we have organized concerning IPC. And believe me there is a huge difference between an Experts and The Specialist. It is like the former telling you what to do based on clinical applications and studies. With the latter knowing what they know based on exposures and experiences on a first person level. A Specialist provides you with organized options that will give you solutions.

We have identified this "G Thang" regarding men, and pin-pointed the allure of "The 3 B's" concerning women. Two factors that actually exist when we are in search of the opposite sex. But get this, we've taken this thing a 'lil bit further. What we have organized will add clarity in your communications platform. Plus, once you've got it you'll really start getting it! That is, success on various levels and to the degrees you couldn't even imagine previously.
Our Motto